Thursday, July 7, 2011

Perfect Diet and Durable ?

Diet choises
Pennsylvania, United States, many people lose weight. But weight loss diet results achieved are generally rare painstakingly lasting aka yo-yo dieting because people who succeed diet fail to maintain weight loss diet results.

Though the diet that the body can not consistently give bad effects to the body. This yo-yo dieting can make someone worse shape than before he was on a diet, because it often ignores portion of the exercise or physical activity and poor diet.

A new study conducted by researchers from Penn State College of Medicine, has demonstrated that the technique is to lose weight may not be used or managed in the helps maintain ideal weight.

The study notes there are four strategies that can be done to maintain ideal body weight to keep it but did not make it decreases, as quoted from Healthland.Time, Friday (8/7/2011), namely:

1. Keep eating foods rich in protein but low in fat
2. Keep up a consistent exercise program
3. Appreciate yourself to keep your diet and exercise
4. Considering himself about why he needed to maintain weight

Nutrition and obesity experts said the principles that form the basis of losing weight and keep it the ideal is the same, namely a person should eat a healthy diet and increasing physical activity like sports.

One important thing is to maintain the mindset to start focusing on the long term and not short term, that is, make changes in lifestyle and behavior permanently so that the results obtained can last a long time.

Experts have agreed that the key to success in losing and maintaining weight loss is motivation he had. Due to this motivation will lead a person to change lifestyle and behavior gradually.

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