Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hazardous Minerals That can Pollute Drinking Water

Drinking water
The water you drink should be free of compounds or minerals that can be dangerousand even cause death. Actually, what minerals are not allowed in drinking water?

Ben Witham (17 years) a teenager from Mount Buddy, Australia had allegedly died ofarsenic poisoning of the water consumed two months ago. Arsenic is known ashazardous compounds and levels should be kept so as not to exceed the threshold.
Arsenic kill by damaging the digestive system and cause death due to shock. Ifconsumed in a non-lethal doses can eventually cause chronic toxicity andcarcinogenic (cancer causing substances).

In the water it contains natural minerals from the environment that is not harmful to the body such as calcium, sodium, potassium or fluoride. But sometimes also foundminerals that are harmful to the body, as quoted from, Wednesday(15/06/2011).

Generally harmful minerals include inorganic mineral species because it can not be absorbed by the body so that the numbers will accumulate over time can damageorgans such as kidney and liver function to remove toxins and even to death if the dose is high.

Some inorganic minerals that should not be contained in drinking water because itcan be harmful to health such as:
1. reciprocal
2. mercury
3. iron
4. arsenic
5. magnesium
6. aluminum
7. manganese

Pollution from inorganic minerals are included in the category of chemical. Althoughthese pollutants are generally not visible, but sometimes the chemical pollutants canbe seen from the murky water color, smell, have a particular taste or yellowish.

The use of water in human life must be free of contaminants and pollutants, especiallyin drinking water. Because if the pollutants in the water enters the body it can damagethe body's system causing disturbances and even death.

Good-quality drinking water should be free from disease-causing organisms, harmful chemicals and radioactive substances as well as having good taste, colorless and odorless.

If you drink water using bleach (such as filters and activated carbon) should be replaced regularly, the cooking water to the boil and perform testing to determinewhether drinking water contains chemicals that can be harmful to the body or not.

source : DETIK

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