Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There are so many benefits of reading , one of them is preventing Alzheimer's Disease !

Do you want to avoid the Alzheimer's disease ? It's easy ! Reading is the answer !

Reading is an activity that brings many benefits because by reading our knowledge will increase. Whether it is knowledge related to science and also just news or information. In addition, experts say that with a lot of reading then we would be separated from the brain disease. A researcher from the Henry Ford Health System, Dr. C. Edward Coffey, proving that just by reading the book one will be spared from the disease "Dementia". Dementia is a devastating disease of the brain tissue. When exposed to dementia, can be sure someone will be difficult to avoid senility. This occurs because the read to create such a buffer layer that protects the brain and replace changes.
Recent brain research has discovered the benefits of reading in growing dendrites, one of the components of the brain nerve cells or neurons. Read new words to stimulate the brain, because the brain likes to challenge and new things. Reading is an activity full of challenges and always bring a person to enter new territory.
Recognized or not, many people are smart and intelligent because of diligent reading. Reading also can make people more mature. Adults here means to have the mindset that no longer childish. By reading, people can look at every problem of life not as a burden, but a challenge that must be resolved. Problems in life is not viewed only from one side, but from different sides. People who look at problems from different sides of life is usually more prudent and wise in life.

However, it is very unfortunate that the reading interests of Indonesian society is still low. Taufiq Ismail a famous Indonesian writer says that. "We have become a nation paralyzed myopic reading books and writing. " This expression must have a very strong reason. And, true, our problem is the low interest in reading. If offered a book reading, not a few of us who reject the grounds do not have time to read. Our society is more like the medium of television from the book. Though it E. Jordan Ayan is also mentions that the television was still very behind compared toto the book . Television is a "passive media" that does not invite us to participate in learning or creative thinking. But this information does not come down to us because of our lack of reading.
Very different from the culture of reading Japanese society and other developed countries. Everywhere they always carry reading material. If there is spare time they are filled with reading. So it is not surprising that their science is more advanced than we are. Indonesian people prefer to girl talk and cultured oral. More of his daydream than do reading activities. This we can see from our own behavior as well as the people around us. In fact a lot of free time that we can use to read.
For example, while it is awaiting the departure of the aircraft, at the bus stop, terminal, even for people who have no health problems when reading on the vehicle, can utilize the time to read. Five minutes of reading can add insight to our knowledge. We can build motivation in us by extending the reading includes reading biographies of successful people.

One doctor from Saudi Arabia named Dr. Aidh Al Qarni in his book "Laa Tahzan" (Do not be sad) wrote 10 benefits of reading:

1. When busy reading, someone blocked entry into stupidity

2. Reading habits make people too busy to get in touch with the people lazy and not willing to work

3. With frequent reading, one can develop flexibility and fluency in spoken word

4. Reading helps develop thinking and clear thinking

5. Reading enhance one's knowledge and improve memory in understanding

6. With frequent reading someone can benefit from the experience of others, such as wise men follow the example of wisdom and intelligence scholars

7. With frequent reading, one can develop his abilities, both to receive and process science as well as to explore different disciplines and their applications in life

8. Confidence someone will increase when he read books that are useful

9. Reading helps a person to refresh your mind of clutter and save time for not in vain. With frequent reading, one can master a lot of words and study the various models of sentence

10. Furthermore, it can improve its ability to absorb concepts and to understand what it says on the line by line (to understand what is implied).

From several explanations above, we can draw the conclusion that the habit of always reading will bring huge benefits. Not only for ourselves but also for other people if we want to share my knowledge with them. I therefore invite the reader to turn the culture of reading all this anywhere and anytime there is a time for reading.

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