Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why do we dream ?

ok readers , in this article i'll to explain you about "WHY DO WE DREAM?" . read this article carefully ! :) happy reading :D
Scientists have done many studies on dreams. They think your senses may have a lot to do with dreams. In dreams, you see and hear things. Dreaming is not like thinking about things.
You have feelings during dreams. You may feel happy or angry. You feel fear if you have a nightmare.
Your memories may have something to do with your dreams. Dreams are often like stories that stop before they are finished. :D


People in ancient times looked for meaning in dreams. The ancient Egyptians believed dreams could tell the future. Some psychologists think that dreams show what people feel deep inside. They ask people to talk about their dreams. :)
Some scientists think that dreams have no meaning. They think that dreams just come from nerve signals in your brain. Other scientists think that dreams are important for memory. They may help your brain sort out what to remember and what to forget.
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